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Exam titles (PDF)

Lectures and practicals on Orthopaedic Surgery 2015-2016/II.(PDF)

Lectures and practicals on Orthopaedic Surgery 2015-2016/I.(PDF)

Lectures and practicals on Orthopaedic Surgery 2014-2015/II.(PDF)

Lectures and practicals on Orthopaedic Surgery 2014-2015/I.(PDF)

Lectures and practicals on Orthopaedic Surgery 2013-2014/II.(PDF)

Lectures and practicals on Orthopaedic Surgery 2013-2014/I.(PDF)

Lecture presentations:


Prof. Kálmán Szepesi

Frequency, pathology and diagnosis, conservative and operative treatment of congenital/developmental dysplasia, dislocation of the hip (DDH, CDH).

Dr. Csenge Szeverényi

Perthes' disease, transient synovitis of the hip joint. Slipped capital femoral epiphysis.Coxa vara.

Dr. Gyula Győrfi

Osteoarthritis of the hip. Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head. Replacement of the hip joint.

Dr. Csenge Szeverényi

Functional anatomy of the foot. Congenital deformities and diseases of the foot.

Dr. Zoltán Csernátony

Postural kyphosis. Scoliosis and its treatment.

Dr. Zsolt Hunya

Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis. Congenital anomalies of the spine. Scheuermann's disease and its treatment. Degenerative changes of the spine. Spinal stenosis. Disc degeneration and prolapse. Sciatica. Ankylosing spondylitis.

Dr. Zoltán Jónás

Bone infection. Acute and chronic osteomyelitis. Suppurative arthritis.

Dr. Henrik Rybaltovszki

Knee disorders. Knock knee and bow legs. Congenital, habitual and recurrent dislocation of the patella. Chondromalacia patellae. Osteoarthritis of the knee. Replacement of the knee joint.

Dr. Zoltán Jónás

 Bone tumors and tumor - like lesions.

Dr. Zsolt Hunya

 Diseases of the neck and upper extremities.

Order of verbal exams:
The students are able to register for the exam on the ETR system. The students pick two titles, from the title list available at the beginning of the Semester. This list can be also found on the web site of the Orthopaedic Department.
Those students who attended at least 70 % of the lectures will pick two titles, but will only be examined on the one of their choice.
In case of a B or C exam the student is not entitled to the above advantage.

Required book:
ORTHOPEDICS (Edited by Miklós Szendrői)
Semmelweis, Budapest, 2008, first edition
ISBN: 978 963 9656 93 2

Recommended books:
Mark D. Miller: Review of Orthopaedics
Saunders, 2004, fourth edition

A. Graham Apley, Louis Solomon: Apley's System of Orthopaedics and Fractures
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1993, seventh edition


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